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Laura Young is caught in a storm. 

After a tragic accident leaves her mom in a coma, she focuses on the happiness in her life- her two best friends and her five year old son. 

What Laura needs is some good luck. 

What she gets is the captain of the New York Nighthawks, Alec Kostelecky- a ghost from her past. 


With captivating hazel eyes, and a body that showcases his dedication on the ice, Alec is every girl’s dream. He is passionate, and when he wants something, he goes after it. When a chance encounter brings Laura and him together again, Alec refuses to let her slip through his grasp, like she did years ago.


Every girl in the world may want to call Alec Kostelecky hers. But not every girl knew him at fifteen. Not every girl got pregnant by the infamous NHL star and was left to raise their son on her own. And not every girl has the capability on bringing him to his knees. 


When long lost love reignites, and twisted truths come to light, Laura questions everything she thought she knew. And nothing is certain until the first drop of rain rolls down her cheek.

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