Becca Chambers is mean, cruel. She lets no one get close to her. She is heartless and cold, unbreakable. She doesn’t care about anyone in this world. Nothing can hurt her and nobody can love her. She plays with people like toys, like pawns in her game. And that’s exactly what she wants you to believe. But no one knows the real Becca, the girl that wears a mask to cover all of her broken pieces. 


    Callum Jones is kind, caring, and driven. He is the ultimate friend and teammate, who wears his heart on his sleeve. He is the newest quarterback for the Trenton University Devils. And he’s about to be face to face again with the girl he undyingly loves, the one who broke his heart, Becca Chambers. The same girl he can’t stop trying to understand or get enough of.


    Fake dates turn into bruised knuckles, lies turn into unburied pasts, and two broken hearts turn into one wicked love


Sometimes hearts are better off broken. 

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